Welcome to Mash Netball Club

Dry Season 2023


Dry Season Netball 2023

Welcome to 2023!

As was the process last year all players are to Register as per normal on the Mash Website, please do this asap to have a spot for the 2023 season.

The club registration process covers all club related fees and you can also purchase dresses and club merchandise during registration.

Once you have completed registration with Mash you will see a link to take you to Netball Connect where you MUST register as well. Link is set to Palmerston by default, so Darwin association players will need to register seperately for that competition as well. Darwin competition not open for registrations yet, we will advise when ok to register.

The default link will open up PNA Junior competition. As you register, you are given the opportunity to search for other competitions, so to register for PNA Senior, just search for "Mash Netball Club (PNA)" and that will show Senior competition. If you are registering for DNA then you search for "Mash Netball Club (DNA)".

Direct links to copy and paste are;
PNA Junior - https://registration-netball.squadi.com/userRegistration?organisationId=54e42a34-d88e-4927-8396-9df5030c5ef6&competitionId=e74d3d16-c4b9-40ea-a2f5-5fa0144d5a47

PNA Senior - https://registration-netball.squadi.com/userRegistration?organisationId=54e42a34-d88e-4927-8396-9df5030c5ef6&competitionId=ed601d07-b51b-4327-8d80-4838e0b6161c

All players will register on the new "Netball Connect" platform and pay association registration fees through that portal. Portal will allow the use of Sports Vouchers and you do also have the option of a Payment Plan through the Netball Connect portal, however these plans are restricted to 4 payments of 25% each on specific dates as shown.

Mash Netball Club can offer payment plans that are more suited to your family budget and over a longer period of time. These plans are a direct debit from your bank account, managed by our external provider. All payment plans through Mash, must be requested in writing to the treasurer or commenced during the club registration process. We can do extended payment plans for your PNA and DNA fees, just contact the treasurer prior to registering on Netball Connect and you will be walked through the process.

Sports Vouchers are accepted on the Mash Registration and Netball Connect registrations. ALL Sports Vouchers MUST be emailed to treasurer@mashnetball.com.

Association Registration Fees are;

Under 18 $174.41
18 & Over $189.50

Under 18 $125.00
18 & Over $140.00

Under 18 $230.00
18 & Over $285.00

Club/playing fee for Mash Netball Club Inc for 2023 are;

NSGo players $60, Players playing 11/u to 17 years $75, Players 18 & Over $90 and Players playing both PNA and DNA
additional $40

DNA Gate fee this year will be $3 for Juniors, $5 for Seniors and $2 for spectators. In addition if you elect to pay by PayWave/TapNGo there will be an additional $1 charge. This is paid on entry at Marrara.

Family Levy for 2023 will be $30. As usual, if you volunteer in a noted capacity this year, the Family Levy is fully refundable.

There will be a Family Rebate of $50 where there are 3 or more players from the same immediate family.

Players who completed 5 years of playing for Mash in 2022 will receive a rebate of 50% of the Club Fee. Players who complete 10 years will receive a 100% discount on club fees.

Mash Minnies 5 - 7 yrs Term 1 2023


Mash Minnies Term 1 2023

6 Week Program for 5-7 Year olds

1st of March to the 5th of April 2023

5:30pm to 6:15pm @ Zuccoli Primary School,130 Zuccoli Parade

Participants receive a Mash water bottle, string bag, ball and Minnies Singlet!

Sports Vouchers

For Sport Voucher processing to your payments, please email vouchers to;


Sport  Voucher web image 27 0x 21 1px

To apply for your sports voucher highlight the link below and right click


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